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InnMenu app

You will see how to configure your menu app for restaurants on "Android" tablet devices.

Client-side Inn menu application consists of several different screens. On the first screen client chooses one of our topics (Appetizers, Dinner, Soups, Lunch, and so on).

By selecting some of the categories, on the tablet screen will appear a list of the products from the selected categories.

Each product has a picture, name, abbreviated description, the average time a product is waiting for and the price. On the right is the button whose touch automatically add product to the ordered list. If we want to, we can touch the image of the product, and we will open a new view

where we can see a larger picture and full description (if he could not fit in a small field where we saw a list of certain categories of products).

Out of that box by touching the "+" button user can add a product to the list of ordered. Touch of a button "back" brings us a step backwards, which means that if we have a detailed view, by the touch of this button we are returning to the list of all items selected categories, and if we are in the list of articles touching on the "back" returns us to the list of categories. At each point in the bottom of the screen we see snapshots of products for hire as their small number in the upper left corner, which symbolizes that the amount of products ordered, we added to the list. At the bottom is the key "Finalize order now" which leave the final screen, which serves to confirm and/or correction orders.

On this screen, in addition to standard view product (In this case, only those that are added to the ordered list) the right is the button for subtraction the product from the list, while below the button "-" we see the number of products for hire. At the bottom of the screen we can see the sum total of all products and the cost of the total orders. If you touch the screen with the button "Send Orders" and the application is connected to the server, order will automatically be forwarded to the main server. Otherwise the guest will be writing a message that the application is not connected to the server and need to call the waiter and passed on his tablet on which is an order.    

Inn menu Settings

Initiating action settings (swipe from top to bottom with the Blackberry Playbook tablet) we are trying to join the section to adjust the application. To protect applications from unauthorized changes (by guests) application will ask you when you first enter the Settings section, to enter the password which in the future will always be required of you to be able to work with the administration of applications.

After entering your password on the screen tablet will be on display for tuning applications.

Touching "Back" button to get out of work settings. Touch the "Help" button to open your Help section with official InnMenu site. At the bottom of the screen we configured the currency in which prices are given an application, delete / reset the current order (the touch of a button "Clear Order"), add a new item, or hide a category from the main categories in which we have no item (uncheck "show empty categories "). Touch the "Add Article" or touch any of the items from the list above items already entered the dialogue turns to us for editing items.

Restaurant menu add/edit

Here we choose the category in which the item will show his name, price, time required to prepare and a general description of the item. In the upper left corner of the dialog is a checkbox labeled "show in menu". If this box is unchecked item is in our database, but will not be displayed to a user. This is very practical if our item is currently not in stock.

Inn menu Server

You can use our desktop server application to retrieve notification for each user order

When you start Innmenu server application in title bar you can see all application IP addresses.

In most cases, you will see only one address, but if you have multiple network cards there may be several addresses, one per network adapter. In your mobile app enter an address which is in the same subnet as your device. If you do not know what address try to use all address until connection is not established.


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